How We Do Business
It's All About a Smooth Operation
Value Added Resources develops custom fulfillment and logistics solutions around the unique requirements of each customer, from individual authors to large, multimillion-dollar companies.
Because You Want To…
Operate More Efficiently
Make A Strong Brand Impression
Excel At What You Do
Value Added Resources will take on all your warehousing, labor, information management, customer service and other supply-chain burdens, dramatically reducing your distribution costs and empowering your company to focus on what it does best.

VAR is located in Indianapolis, Indiana—only one day away, by ground, from 75 percent of the U.S. population, ensuring fast delivery at an economical cost.

A logistics company, we are dedicated to providing fulfillment and distribution services. So, you know the delivery of your brand promise is in good hands.

VAR goes the extra mile, providing value-added services you won’t get with other logistics companies, with services that include sales support, customer service and relationship management, administration and more.
Integrated Services We Provide
Value Added Resources is flexible and can adapt to your needs. If you have a unique distribution scenario or unusual packaging project, talk to us. If it requires quality labor and space you don’t have, the answer is right here.
Industries We Serve
Value Added Resources offers solutions for publishers, distributors, medical supply companies, universities, printing companies, disaster preparedness organizations and more.
Receive Your Product
Your manufacturer can ship directly to Value Added Resources via mail, UPS, LTL or truckload. Upon arrival, VAR can break-down, build-up, kit or package your product per your specifications.
How We Receive Your Customers’ Orders
Orders can be received through Value Added Resources’ Online Processing System, by MS Excel files, direct e-mail or electronically from your shopping cart. Value Added Resources also operates a full-service call center for phone or fax orders.