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VAR Providing Same Day Cross Docking Service

Value Added Resources excels at helping you when you need one to 32 pallets off-loaded, and entire truckload reworked, or a warehouse to store your freight temporarily.

The nature of cross docking is to expect the unexpected. Value Added Resources shines when the situation demands going the extra mile: we deliver where our competition fails.

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What Can We Do For You Today?

Rely on Value Added Resources for fulfillment, distribution, customer service and logistics solutions that build your brand, improve your bottom line and, most of all, enable your company to concentrate on its sales, marketing, production and R&D activities.

As your logistics expert, Value Added Resources offers more than 50 years’ experience in the business of supply chain management—We will deliver on our promise.

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VAR Going The Extra Mile with Fulfillment and Logistics Services…

No matter what your business, or how big your company, you need an order-fulfillment strategy that delivers—one that minimizes cost and maximizes efficiency. We deliver a strategy to bolster your bottom line and your brand image.

Spending too many man-hours managing your shipping department? Spreading your people too thin with overwhelming order volumes? Pulling highly paid, specialized employees off task to get orders out?

Value Added Resources offers you a better solution.

We provide complete packaging, assembly and shipping services, plus an array of added support services. We go the extra mile for you. Value Added Resources is here to make your life simpler and your workforce more productive.